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To start the new project, the following information is necessary:
   1.  Property address.
   2.  Name of the property owner.
   3.  Property parcel number.
   4.  Legal description.
   5.  Zoning.
   6.  Topography survey (existing site plan for remodeling).
   7.  Jurisdiction of the building department.
Each city has different building requirements for plan submission.
For your convenience, we created tables showing the basic requirements for different property location. This information is collected from building department of differnt cities and can be used as information only. ZONING CODE
After you decide the characteristics of your building, you should provide for us details about you desired house such as:
   1.  Square footage of your house.
   2.  Number of floors.
   3.  Number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
   4.  Garage.
   5.  Foundation (slab or crawl-space)
   6.  Building expenses.
   7.  House style (usually we use Craftsman or Traditional styles).
We recommend consideration of various plans available online or in the bookstores. Also, you can consider plans on our website for SINGLE FAMILY PLANS or DUPLEX PLANS or TRIPLEX PLANS. We are available to guide you in this process. Together we can create your project.