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       We will design a custom house or remodel that will fit your needs.

       We provide you with a standard package of a architectural documentation that includes:
       1. Site plan.
       2. Architectural part:      a. Foundation plan.
                                                 b. Floor plans for each floor.
                                                 c. Framing plans for each floor.
                                                 d. Roof framing.
                                                 e. Wall sections, building sections, details.
                                                 d. Exterior elevations.
                                                 g. General architectural notes and constr. detail.
                                                 h. Protraction engineering notes.
                                                 i. Heating equipment sizing form.
        3. Structural design:      a. Foundation design.
                                                 b. Vertical design.
                                                 c. Lateral design prepared by a local structural company (client will pay separate) 
              All plans are drawn complain to 2009 International Residential and Building Code, 2009 Washington
          State Energy Code, 2009 International Mechanical Code. All plans prepared using AutoCAD Drafting
                                                                     PROJECT PRICE
             Type of plans                                 Design price                                             Engineering price
            Custom design/                          $1.0 x living area (s.f.)                               $0.55 ...$0.95 x total area (s.f.)
            Remodeling                                 incl.: site plan + new home plan            incl.:  Found., Vert., Lateral
Plans from stock                        $0.40 x living area (s.f.)                            $0.32 x total area (s.f.)
                                                                    withaut correction existing plan.           (lateral engineering only)
                                                                    incl: site plan + exist. home plan +
                                                                    exist. foundation and vert. design.